Forged connecting rods

BMW M3 E36 3.0 24v - 3.2 24v

Engine S50B30 - S50B32

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ENTRY Arp2000 - S50B30 - 142mm
ENTRY ARP L19 - S50B30 - 142mm
SILVER ARP L19 - S50B30 - 142mm
ENTRY Arp2000 - S50B32 - 139mm
ENTRY ARP L19 - S50B32 - 139mm
SILVER ARP L19 - S50B32 - 139mm
ENTRY Arp2000 - S50B30/S50B32 US -135mm
ENTRY ARP L19 - S50B30/S52B32 US -135mm



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IRP forged connecting rod set for BMW M3 E36 3.0 24v S50B30 & M3 3.2 24v S50B32.

RP conrods made 100% in Italy, with quality certificate in all components used in its manufacture.
CNC manufacturing with 34CrNiM06 and 35NCD16 steels (custom order).
Reinforced with last generation heat treatment, high resistance to fatigue due to stress of the material.
Ideal for all types of preparations or competition.
All cranks are tested and checked once the manufacturing process is finished.

Available three types of finishes:
ENTRY (1300 Mpa)
- SILVER (1400Mpa)
- GOLDEN (1900Mpa).

All cranks include ARP2000 or L19 screws.
The price indicated is for the complete set of connecting rods.
* When placing the order only add 1 unit, this indicates that it is the 6 connecting rods for the indicated model.

Extra Info

Conrod dimmensions: 
Height: 135,00mm - 139,0mm - 142,00mm -
Piston pin Ø: 21mm - 22mm
Weight: Entry 508grs - Silver 482grs S50B30
Weight: Entry 489grs - Silver 464grs S50B32

ARP2000 bolt - 1.450N/mm2
ARPL19 bolt - 1.795N/mm2

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