Forged pistons

ALFA ROMEO 145-146-155-156-GTV 2.0 16v

Engine AR32301

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Piston size

Ø pistón 83,00mm - 8,5:1 Turbo SILVER
Ø pistón 83,50mm - 8,5:1 Turbo SILVER
Ø pistón 84,00mm - 8,5:1 Turbo SILVER
Ø pistón 83,00mm - 8,5:1 Turbo GOLD
Ø pistón 83,50mm - 8,5:1 Turbo GOLD
Ø pistón 84,00mm - 8,5:1 Turbo GOLD
Ø pistón 83,00mm - 12,6:1 SILVER
Ø pistón 83,50mm - 12,6:1 SILVER
Ø pistón 84,00mm - 12,6:1 SILVER



Availability: Custom manufacturing


Italian RP forged piston set for ALFA ROMEO 145, 146, 155, 156, GTV, Spider 2.0 16v AR32301 engine.
Available for turbo engines and aspirated.

IRP pistons are manufactured 100% in Italy, the result of more than 30 years of experience manufacturing forged pistons with a production of + 150,000 units per year.
Excellent quality products guarantee this factory with different quality available:
Silver Line, pistons forged in 4032 aluminum material with double bridge.
Golden Line, pistons forged in aluminum material 2618 / A with heat treatment in the piston head.
CNC manufacturing last generation numerical control.
Very used in competition, high performance / high performance engines, restoration of classic vehicles and even for sports street vehicles.
Available on special order, manufacture of any custom piston (request order sheet).
Excellent compromise between relationship - quality - price.
The price indicated is the complete set of pistons for the indicated engine.
Piston pin and rings are included in order.

* It is recommended to replace forged connecting rods, see the connecting rods section.
** The image is by way of example, may not correspond to the model indicated

Extra Info

CR: 8,5:1 - 12,6:1
Compression height: 32,0mm
Piston pin: 20mm Ø

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