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Octane booster oxygened

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MAGIGAS SuperFórmula GT is an additive specifically developed for the octane increase of the fuel, for high performance of cars and motorcycles, of gasoline combustion, created in our laboratories Magigas.

It is a specific product to develop the maximum performance of the engine, as if we fed with "vitamins".

For extreme results, it is recommended to add ½ L of Hyper Flame per pack of MAGIGAS Super Formulas GT.

Superformula GT is indispensable for the correct functioning of all the components of the engine, with clear benefits for the durability of the engine.

The contribution of the high octane, allows to use 100% of the power of the engine, since there are many manufacturers of sports models that have developed the vehicle for a gasoline of high quality and with this additive we contribute to the maximum benefits.


Pour the contents of 500ml mixed with conventional gasoline into a 50L tank.

· Very resistant to detonation.

· 2T and 4T engines

· Recommended to mix with the HYPERFLAME additive.

· Increases the number of octanes.

· Reduces consumption.

· More power at low turns.

· Keeps the injection system clean.

Package: 500ml