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Regenerator particle filter

MAGIGAS DPF is a specific additive for particle filter cleaning (FAP / DPF / EGR), which can be used without the need to disassemble parts.
Recommended for vehicles that carry short, urban and stop-go systems.

MAGIGAS DPF facilitates the burning of PM10 particles and contributes actively to the reduction of carbon deposits, even at low temperatures, with a noticeable decrease in filter clogging.

MAGIGAS DPF also has the ability to increase cetane number, improve ignition speed and lubrication of mechanical components.

Used regularly, eliminates the need for manual cleaning by obstruction, as it facilitates regeneration with great effectiveness.

Reduces fuel consumption, removes carbon deposits from injectors, extends particle filter maintenance intervals, cleans EGR valve.


Pour the contents of 500ml mixed with a 50L tank for normal cleaning, or 100L for regular maintenance. For deep cleaning of the filter, pour the contents into ½ tank of the vehicle, and repeat the treatment every 10,000 km.

· Turbo-diesel engines (JTD, TDI, TDS, CDi, iCTD, Di ... etc)
· Maintains the DPF particulate filter in optimum conditions.
· Extends the life of the DPF filter.
· Reduces the number of regeneration cycles.
· Eliminates carbon deposits in the injectors.
· Increase the number of cetane.
· Reduces consumption.

Package: 500ml