Limited slip differential

VW GOLF Mk3 Mk4 Gearbox 02A

Diferencial ATB push in flanges

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02J tornillos - bolt in flanges
02A embutir / push in flanges



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ATB differential torsen type for VW Golf GTI III y IV.
Gearbox 02A push in flanges.
Gearbox 02J bolt in flanges.

QUAIFE, manufacturer of Automatic Torque Biasing (ATB) helicar gear limited slip differential, of recognized worldwide prestige since 1980. The quality of QUAIFE is well demonstrated in all its products, being currently one of the leading manufacturers in the manufacture of LSD differential, close ratio gearkits  and gearboxes.

Unlike a limited slip disc differential, the Quaife ATB self-lock is based on gears instead of plates or clutch plates for operation. This means that it is much softer and will never block, they are progressive and adjust according to the loss of traction.
It does not lose power in acceleration like some plate style differentials.
For its installation, modification is required, simply replace the original with the new ATB Quaife differential.
Ideal for a competition or for a sporty driving (rallys, circuits, mountain, trackday ... etc)
No maintenance is necessary for proper operation.

  • Safe, progressive and seamless in action, the Quaife ATB differential never ‘locks’
  • Controlled power is transmitted to all driven wheels, to maximise traction and minimise wheelspin, particularly in slippery conditions
  • Fitment greatly reduces unwanted torque steer, understeer or oversteer
  • Designed to work in harmony with road car electronic stability and traction control programs
  • Improves braking performance on front wheel drive cars by reducing lock up and minimising ABS intrusion due to torque transfer action
  • Reduces tyre wear, especially on front wheel drive cars
  • Gear operated with no service components to replace – ever
  • Direct replacement for factory standard ‘open’ differential unit
  • Retains normal axle lubrication systems and maintenance schedule
  • Recomended for Motorsport use and trackday. 

All Audi, Seat, Skoda & VW with 02A gearbox, push in flanges
VW Gold IV GTi