Racing clutch kit

VW GOLF IV GTI 1.8 TURBO 20v 150cv

Flywheel - cover assembly - cerametallic drive plate

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HELIX reinforced racing clutch kit for VW GOLF IV 1.8 Turbo 20v 150hp year 1998-2004 valid for follow eng: AGU, ARZ, AUM, AQX, AGN, APG, AUQ, AYP, BBU, BJX, BKV, consisting of: lightweight flywheel, clutch press, ceramic clutch disc with springs and clutch collar.
The steering wheel, is lightened and balanced with a remarkable reduction of weight, greater acceleration.
The clutch press has been designed for competitive use, to support a higher torque and ceramic clutch, to better withstand friction at high temperatures.

Designed for extreme use, for all motorsport aplications or for engine preparations.
There are available in some cases, engine flywheels and racing clutch press to install 140mm or 184mm clutches.

Clutch measurements:
Diameter disc: 228mm 
Primary diameter: 22,1mm
Spline: 28