Set Pistons + conrods

VW GOLF GTI 1.8 16v

Engine KR - PL

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Piston size

Diámetro piston 81,00mm
Diámetro piston 81,50mm
Diámetro piston 82,00mm



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Set of forged pistons Wiseco + K1 conrods + King Racing conrod bearing + Driven grease assembly for VOLKSWAGEN Golf II GTI 1.8 16v KR PL 1985-92
Perfect for high performance engines, quality kit very competitive price. 

This kit include: 

- Forged pistons Wiseco 
- Pins and piston rings. 
- Forged conrods K1
- Conrod ARP2000 bolts. 
- Grease engine assembly. 
- Conrod bearing King Racing  

**Piston example image**

Extra Info

CR: 11,1:1
Compression height: 32,65mm
Piston pin: 20mm Ø