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DS2500(H) - Delanteras Sport
DS3000(R) - Delanteras Competición.
DS1.11(W) Delanteras - Competición
DSUNO(Z) Delanteras - Competición



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Ferodo Racing front set for a FORD Escort - Sierra 2.0 Cosworth 4x4 original caliper.

Ferodo racing offers the biggest range for competition using original calipers and race calipers as: AP Racing, Alcon, Brembo, Wilwood, etc.

Compounds avaliable:

DS2500(H). Recomended for track days and light racing used on hillclimb cm,formulas, kartcross and also a good choice for high performance road cars thanks to its long.Working temperatures range of 20º-500º and average friction coeffiicient 0.42.

DS4003(C). Specific light/medium compound for light formula cars sush as F-3, F-4, F-Renault, F-Ford, CM, etc.Excellent brake bite and very low bedding time. Friction Coefficient 0.46 and temperature range of 200º-450º.

DS1.11(W). Heavy duty compound mainly used for endurance racing, applications on more heavy Touring cars, GT, and many others. Long life and very kind to disc wear makes this pad the ideal choice for long distance races. Average friction coefficient 0.46 and temperature range 200º-700º.

DSUNO(Z). Semi-endurance compound material, used in all type of endurance races. Applications Touring cars, GT, Lmp, etc. long life wear and very kind to disc wear. Coeffient friction 0.48 and working temperatures 200º-700º


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