Terms of use and conditions

These General Contract Conditions apply to the sale of all products offered in the
web www.racingfuel.es

www.racingfuel.es reserves the right to modify the
contractual offer, constituted by these general conditions and the list of products and their prices, in
at any time, although such modifications will not be made with the hiring already made by the

1. General
Placing an order at www.racingfuel.es implies acceptance by the customer of all
the general contracting conditions stipulated below.

2. Ability to hire
To be able to hire any of the products shown throughout the site www.racingfuel.es the
The user must be legally trained in accordance with the Spanish Legal System.

3. Warranty.
These products are classified as Motorsport, so they do not have any guarantee for the extreme use to which they are intended.
For whatever reason and in the case of a specific guarantee, this must be offered in all cases by the manufacturer of the product, not the marketer.

4. Payment Conditions
With a credit card, through this means of payment, the buyer will have to provide his card number and
The expiration date. In this case, your data will be encrypted and sent under secure server to the virtual POS of the
RacingFuel. In certain cases and to prevent possible www.racingfuel.es reserves the possibility
to request a specific form of payment from a customer in the event that the
buyer identity.
In no case RR2 Racing Fuel, will it save the credit card data.

5. Delivery times
www.racingfuel.es Does not guarantee its customers the availability or the delivery time of the products
offered on the website. What if www.racingfuel.es to its customers is the possibility of canceling your
order at any time and without any cost provided the cancellation is communicated before the order
has been made available to the carrier for shipment.
The product will be considered delivered to the customer at the time it is available to the customer and signed
for this one the reception of the same.
Claim for undeliverable orders:

Informed the buyer after receiving an email that your order is sent, if after the deadlines
Detailed not receive the product, you can contact the sellers through the phone: +34 648 253 220 or by mail: [email protected] in order to clarify the seller the cause of the delay by the carrier or emails
 Once the response to the claim is obtained, the seller will contact
the buyer in order to clarify what happened.

6. Shipping costs

The shipping costs of the products will be calculated automatically depending on the destination to which they are going to
Send. The scales established to calculate shipping costs depend both on the country, the region and the
that the product has to be sent and the weight. Some of this data will be provided by the customer in the
At which time the registration takes effect through the form. When the customer places the order, he will be
will inform about the transport deadlines for guidance as they may be altered by incidents.
In addition, the customer must include the name of his population, merely for the purpose of sending the product to a
physical address. Once the order has been placed and the amount confirmed, the system will calculate the cost of expenses
shipping, for which the user can check the purchase invoice at any time on his screen, in
which will be broken down the costs of the order and shipping.
The indicative transport deadlines are available in the product file on the web. The transport deadlines that apply to the specific order are indicative. Especially for extraordinary incidents in the carrier and for difficulties in the delivery of the merchandise.
The transport of the fuel will be carried out by an ADR transport of dangerous goods. The delivery time of this product can vary from 3-10 days, we recommend placing the order well in advance, since the delay in delivery in a cause outside RR2 RACING FUEL, due to the complexity of this type of transport.

The shipping costs that appear on the web when placing the order are also indicative and are calculated based on
a certain weight and volume.
www.racingfuel.es reserves the right to alter shipping costs when weight and volume
vary with respect to the previous measure. In case of a price variation,
www.racingfuel.es will contact the customer via email to communicate the variation and
The customer may choose to cancel his order without being charged with any additional cost.

8. Taxes
 The products offered on www.racingfuel.es, do not include Value Added Tax (VAT)
that, where appropriate, it is appropriate to apply.
Purchases to be delivered in territories of non-member states of the European Union, Can