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Juego delantero / front axle set - Amarilla-yellow
Juego delantero / front axle set - Roja-red
Juego trasero / rear axle set - Amarilla-yellow
Juego trasero / rear axle set - Roja-red
Kit delantero & trasero / front & rear set - Amarilla/yellow caliper
Kit delantero & trasero / front & rear set - roja/red caliper



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Carbon ceramic front brake disc set for Porsche 991 GT3 & GT3 RS.
Available for models equiped with yellow calipers and red calipers. 
All parts necessary to fit include. 
Optional centre-lock wheels.

SURFACE TRANSFORMS, is a European high-tech company specialized in the design and manufacture of high quality carbon disks for the aeronautical (civil & military) and automotive industry.

SURFACE TRANSFORMS, uses the most advanced technology to create braking systems with ultra light material, which are able to quickly evacuate the temperature and improve braking performance in the highest braking demands.

In the case of the carbon discs used in sports car brands equipped as standard or as an option, this type of material and use in its manufacturing process a discontinuous technology and cut in its manufacture, SURFACE TRANSFORMS, uses an advanced system 3D multidirectional matrix producing a more compact, durable and effective carbon disc, in addition to extending its useful life in all conditions and temperatures of use.

SURFACE TRANSFORMS, has developed and patented, carbon discs, virtually unique in the world, which offers the best performance for high-end sports vehicles that use their sports vehicle to perform batches in circuits (trackday), competition teams or simply the habitual use of your vehicle by road.
As main features, we can highlight:

· Lighter weight up to 70% compared to Steel Disc.
· Less noise and vibrations when braking.
· Increase braking performance in all conditions.
· Excellent braking, both dry and wet.
· Longer life and less wear.
· Possibility of rectifying the disc up to 5 times.
· Free of corrosion.

 SURFACE TRANSFORMS, has two product lines in terms of braking systems:

OEM, carbon brake discs to replace the original carbon discs that are fitted as standard on some high-end sports cars.
KITS Sport, it is a carbon disc kit to replace the steel disc that some high-end sports cars come with as standard, in some cases this carbon disc kit has a larger size than the original one, if it is supplied in the kit the corresponding separator for its correct assembly.
The manufacturer recommends exclusive Pagid RSC1 brake pads for street or occasional trackday use, and the Pagid RS29, with a compound developed and designed for the Surface Transform carbon discs for exclusive use, very sporty or trackday.

NOTES: SURFACE TRANSFORMS, provides either only the track to install in the central core of the car or complete with core + disc for correct assembly if necessary

Extra Info

Front disc: 410mm x 36mm
Rear disc:: 400mm x 32mm

Recommended Pagid pads for road or track use.