Carbon disc pads

NISSAN GT-R R35 2008 +

Pagid brake pads for carbon discs

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RS29 - delanteras
RS29 - traseras
RSC1 - delanteras
RSC1 - traseras



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High performance brake pads for use with carbon-ceramic brake discs on Nissan GTR R35 models 2008+
Available 2 compounds: 

Compound RS29

Pills developed for a very sporty use or for trackday.
Ideal compound to withstand high working temperatures.
- Excellent initial braking
- Low brake disc wear
- Keeps the peda
- Valid for carbon discs.
- High coefficient of friction.
Compound RSC1
Brake pads for a combination of street use and occasional trackday.
Very resistant to fade in high temperatures.
- Specially developed for brake pads.
- Perfect balance between street and sports driving
- Molding and progressive braking.
- Excellent pedal touch.

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