Competition camshaft

CITROEN C2 - C3 - C4 1.6 16v TU5JP4

For use with solid lifters

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Duration-valve timing

3000-8000 rpm 306º 296º - 47-79 74-42
4000-8750 rpm 314º - 53-81 81-83



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Motorsport / competition camshaft for Citroen C2 - C3 -C4 1.6 16v TU5JP4 with engine code: NFU, NFR and NFS. 
Established in the 1970´s, Kent cams has grown from a desire to produce advanced competition camshafts in to the global specialist manufacturing team.
Our experience in the performance engine tuning industry helps maintain our position as the leading manufacturer and designer of motorsport camshafts in Europe.
Our commitment to accurate grinding processes has led us to be the only manufacturer to pursue the use of constant surface speed grinding. Complex CNC software and high accuracy spindles vary the speed of the camshaft during each single rotation during the grinding process, ensuring that the work piece to grinding wheel contact speed remains constant. 

- Excelllent quaility 
- Motorspor a superbike aplications. 
- Trackday and high performance engine aplications
- Leading manufacturer and designer of motosport camshafts in Europe. 
- Chill cast iron, plasma nitrided En40b and En36. 


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