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Cerametallic paddle drive plate sprung hub

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Cerametalico muelles - cerametallic sprung
Cerametalico muelles - cerametallic sprung 6P
Cerametalico rigido - cerametallic rigid
Cerametalico rigido - cerametallic rigid 6P
Orgánico muelles - organic sprung



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HELIX cerametallic paddel drive plate for Subaru Impreza STI WRX Turbo year 2002-06.

These drive plate are developed for competition use in all Motorsport disciplines: rally, hillclimb, circuits, autocross .... etc. NOT recommend its use in street cars.
HELIX clutch discs are manufactured with high quality materials, well known in the motorsport market by teams and global manufactures (Dakar, F3, GTs, Rallys, Circuits ...), with more than 45 years of experience in the manufacture of race clutches for competition.
The technical department of HELIX is exclusively dedicated to the development and improvement of its products, in constant evolution for new models.We recommend the clutch discs with springs, for greater smoothness and reliability of the clutch assembly, gearbox, transmissions ... etc.
The best option of the market in terms of quality and price.

In RR2 Motorsport we have been supplying our customers from last 25 years, the HELIX clutches trusting day by day in the quality of their products.



Extra Info

 Measure drive plate:
 ø plate: 240mm
Spline: 25,2mm x 24T.

- Organic sprung plate 
- Cerametallic rigid plate 6 paddle. 
- Cerametallic sprung 
- Cerametallic sprung 6 paddle.