Engine bearing

BMW E36 M3 S50B30 - S50B32

MAIN Bearing set

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Serie HX - standard
Serie H - standard
Serie H + 0,025mm
Serie H + 0,25mm



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Complete set competition / motorsport main bearing and high performance ACL RACE SERIES for BMW E36 M3 3.0 - 3.0 engine S50B30 & S50B32.

The ACL RACE SERIES connecting rod bushes are the most prestigious engine bushings in the world, a brand of recognized worldwide prestige in the world of competition, the best preparations and motorists use connecting rod and ACL bank bearings, thanks to their reliability, design and materials employees.The ACL RACE SERIES connecting rod and main bearings are used for all types of competition or high-performance engines, demanded by World Rally, Nascar, Circuit trainers ... etc.ACL has a wide range of connecting rod and bank covers to cover the most important models of the European market that compete in Europe in all modes of motorsport.

Available H series and HX series, also in oversize +0,025, +0,25 and +0,50mm.
The H series has the standard tolerance and the HX series is specially designed for use in competition, since it has an extra tolerance of -0.025mm, so that the engine turns with greater smoothness, use higher density lubricants and can increase the pressure of the oil pump. Also available in some cases in oversized.

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