Engine bearing

CITROEN TU5J4 - TU5JP4 1.6 16v TU5J2 1.6 8v

KING Racing conrod bearing

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XP - Extra + 0.30mm
XP - Extra + 0.50mm



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KING RACING competition / motorsport or high performance conrod bearing for CITROEN C2 - C3 -Saxo 1.6 16v - 1.6 8v TU5J4 - TUJP4 - TU5J2 codigo motor NFZ, NFV, NFT, NFY, NFW, NFU, NFR, NFS, NFX. 

KING Racing manufacturer main and conrod bearing,  have been developed to withstand greater workload and performance on all types of powered engines.
King Racing was developed to meet these challenges through technologically advanded geometrical features and unique metal structure. 

Trimetal structure for more stronger overlay and more fatigue resistance. 
XP serie high tem, more durability and XPC same add treatment anti-seizure.  

Available in standard and oversized sizes: + 0.025 / 0.25 / 0.50.
STD quality, tolerance 0 ideal for street and competition vehicles
STDX quality, tolerance -0.025mm ideal for racing engines, allows to slightly increase the oil pressure, use higher density oil and the motor rotates with less resistance.