Forged connecting rods

LOTUS ELISE - EXIGE S1 1.8 16v Serie-K

Conrod design type I

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ZRP forged competition conrods for LOTUS Elise S1 1.8 16v & LOTUS Exige S1 1.8 16v engine K-Series.

Connecting rods made from 4340 high tensile steel, provide additional stiffness and extreme durability.Designed to withstand high workloads and high rev limit engine´s.

The ZRP rods incorporate a bushing of material AMPC018, copper and aluminum alloy with exceptional resistance to wear and fatigue, likewise are subjected to thermal treatments in several stages to increase its rigidity.
All ZRP conrods include forged ARP bolts.
A careful quality control, tested one by one, even the rigidity of the connecting rod.
Tolence +/- 1gr of weight.
Available type "H" and type "I" (depending on models)

Length: 133,10mm
Ø bore:   51,68mm
Ø pin:     18,00mm
Weight:  367grs

Price corresponding 4-conrods including APR rods bolts.