Forged connecting rods

OPEL CORSA A GSI 1.6 8v motor C16NZ/N2

K1 Connecting rods H-design

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Forged conrods set for Opel Corsa A GSi 1.6 8v engine C16NZ/N2.

Length:    129,75mm
Ø Bore:      46mm
Ø Pin:         18mm

  • Billet 4340 Steel H-Beam Design
  • Designed by in-house engineering team for high-stress racing applications
  • All rods are finished in the USA and held to very tight tolerances. Bores finished to +/- .0001" and weight to +/- 1 gram per end
  • Shot peened for improved fatigue life
  • Premium bronze wrist pin bushings
  • High Quality ARP 2000 Fasteners included 
  • PRICE conrods kit 


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