Forged pistons

BMW F30 335i - F10 535i 3.0 24v N55B30

JE Ultra-Serie turbo engines

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Piston size

Ø piston 84,00mm - RC 9,5:1
Ø piston 84,50mm - RC 9,5:1



Availability: Custom manufacturing


JE Forged pistons for BMW 335i F30 - 535i F10 3.0 24v engine N55B30.

JE ULTRA SERIE, latest technology pistons and the most advanced on the market.
Designed to withstand high loads or working power.
Very robust and resistant, thanks to all the technical innovations applied to the piston.
Ceramic coating on the piston head, this allows it to withstand high working temperatures.
More grease holes, allowing better piston lubrication.
Revolutionary "perfect skirt" coating, eliminates piston shock in cold and provides better friction.
Piston pin reinforced to withstand greater load of torque and power.
Reinforcements in the weakest parts of the piston, with the latest 3D technology.
Made high quality forged aluminum 2618.

JE Pistons world manufacturer of competition pistons since 1947, with high performance and plenty of quality and prestige in the competitive world Motorsport market.

JE's prestige has been certified year after year with the quality of its products.
Although times, people, and the team have changed, our goals and objectives have remained constant. Today, JE Pistons is the largest manufacturer of custom racing pistons in the world

Piston pins and ring including. 

​Price is for complet set of 6 pistons. 

The image may not correspond to the model.

Extra Info

Piston compression height: 32,40mm
Ø Pin pistón: 22mm
CR: 9,5:1
OEM rod: 144,35mm

* Recommended forged conrods*

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