Lightweight flywheel

CITROEN C2 1.6 16v

Standard ø 200mm

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397,99 €+ VAT


3,4kg - models 1999/-
3,0kg - models -/1999
2,9kg - 184mm embrague racing/race clutch
2,9kg - 184mm embrague racing/race clutch **
2,6kg - 140mm embrague racing/race clutch



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Lightweight and balanced flywheel for CITROEN C2 1600 16v 110-120hp engine, designed to mount on clutch with original measurement.
Made of high quality steel, for vehicles that want to increase engine performance.
Highly recommended for all kinds of preparations / tunning.

Also available for vehicles that are going to install a 140-184mm racing clutch (consult).