Limited slip differential


LSD diff

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Circuito-Rally / Tarmac Race 40/65 Ramps 120Nm
Trackday/calle - Road 40/65 Ramps 60Nm
Tierra - Gravel 30/60 Ramps 120Nm
Tierra - Gravel 40/65 Ramps 60Nm
Circuito - Race 50/80 Ramps 120Nm
Circuito - Race 30/80 Ramps 120Nm
Calle - Road 50/80 Ramps 60Nm



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Limited slip differential for OPEL Astra GSi, Kadett GSI, Calibra, Vectra GSi all models gearbox F16-F18-F20 

3J Driveline was formed to bring together a team of specialist who are dedicated to using their 30 years experience of the Driveline industry to bring you the Next Generation of LSD’s and Transmission components. 

When installing 3J products whether a single gear to an entire transmission, you can be confident that it has been designed and manufactured to the highest industry standards to ensure fitment and use meet our customers expectations.

To guarantee reliability and optimum performance we recommend assemblies are fitted by a professional mechanic or fitter with a full understanding of the processes involved as so manufacturers tolerances may on occasion require small adjustment on fitments.

This particularly to the fitment of gearkits to donor transmission cases where the only way to ensure the optimisation and reliability of the upgrade is to renew all the consumable items, including bearings, seals and gaskets etc, and we stress highly the importance of using the correct lubricant especially under the conditions of rigorous motorsport. Please ask our sales team fro advice.

From concept to manufactured 3J have assisted numerous customers from all over the Automotive and Motorsport sectors by providing this complete product management solution that gives customers the confidence that their market position will not be compromised by quality, reliability or cost. If interested, please contact our development management team who will be happy to discuss your requirements.