Safety cell fuel


Conform FIA FT3-1999

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Constructed from ATL's lightweight nylon reinforced fabric. (FIA Homologation No ATL-565).

ATL Rallye Raid Cells are constructed from FT3-1999 approved lightweight Nylon fabric. Each Cell is supplied fully foam baffled with a centrally mounted internal fabric collector system utilising ATL trap doors.

Supplied with:

  • Internal Safety Foam Baffling
  • Internal Collector System with 4x ATL trap doors
  • ATL 6x10 Nutring and Plate
  • (1) Ø57mm (2¼") Filler neck with integral FIA valve
  • (1) Level Gauge
  • (1) -6 Fuel Outlet
  • (1) -6 Fuel Return (with new integral fuel cooler)
  • (1) -6 Rollover Vent Valve


Length x Width x Height
1200mm x 875mm x 453mm

NOTE: fuel cells must be housed in an aluminum container or box, according to FIA regulations, see Aluminum Container section