SUNOCO Race Fuel

SUNOCO CFR 102 octanos

Atmospheric engines

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SUNOCO CFR is the most used fuel in all motor disciplines across Europe, developed for engines with a compression ratio up to 12.5: 1. Valid for both cars and SUNOCO CFR is the evolution of CF fuel. Fuel of excellent quality, it is the most medium-capacity motorcycles.
In accordance with FIA regulations, FIM, CIK.
Drum: 50 and 200L
- All competitions according to normative 252.9 apex J
- High performance vehicles and motorcycles.
- Valid for motore turbo fueled and high rpm motorcycles.
- GpA, S1600, S2000, GT, F3, F2, Car Kit, TCR .... etc
Gravity: 0,749
RON: 102
MON: 90
Initial boiling point: 35
Final boiling point: 161
Oxygen: 2,2%