BMW 140i - 340i - 540i 640i 3.0 16v B58B30


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Exhaust valves serie sodium for BMW 140i - 340i - 540i 640i - X3 M40i - X4 M40i -X5 M40i - X6 M40i - X7 M40i Z4 40i 3.0 24v engine B58B30 models 2015/-

**The price is UNIT. (each).

The SUPERTECH valves manufactured by a very exhaustive process of precision, the CNC material is machined in several steps, heat treatment and hardening treatment with nitride, once these processes are finished, a Supertech patented treatment of "superfinish" is applied. , finished to eliminate all imperfection and impurities.

As main characteristics of these valves we can highlight:
- excellent quality in all its materials.
- high resistance to fatigue
- extra durability and performance.
- hardening + 52HRc
- Very strict tolerances in terms of finishing precision.
- Excellent proportion heat dissipation.

Available according to models in various types of materials.
Sodium. These valves are filled with sodium inside, with a very significant reduction in temperature in the head and a weight reduction of 10%. Ideal for turbocharged engines with high operating temperatures.
Black series. Admission valves made of high quality EV8 steel (21-4N) and EV16 steel exhaust valves (21-8N), designed to withstand high loads of exhaust temperatures, with special hardening in the seats and the tip of the shank.
Inconel. Made with an aluminum and nickel alloy, ultra reinforced for exhaust valves mainly, ideal for engines that reach high working temperatures. It provides a better distribution of heat throughout the valve, reducing the temperature of the head remarkably.
Titanium. Made in a forged titanium alloy, very light in weight and very resistant.
Designed for very professional engines that rotate at very high revolutions.

Consult measurements in EXTRA INFO

Extra Info

Valve measurements
Materials available: serie sodium.
Ø head: 28,50mm
Ø stem:   5,95mm
Length:  100,1mm - single valve groove - need KPR-5.0/7S