Competition camshaft

BMW M3 E36 24v engine S50 -S52

Inlet & exhauts cams

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Motorsport camshaft for BMW M3 E36 6 cyl  24v 3.0 - 3.2 24v engine S50 - S52.

SCHRICK camshafts made of cast iron with spheroidal graphite (GGG), and chilled cast iron, for steel cams exactly defined selection of nitriding case hardening and through hardening steels. 

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Extra Info

The characteristics of this camshaft:

Option 1:
Inlet284º 122-80º (inlet variable)
  20-84 62-42
  valve lift 11,90mm

Exhauts 284º  108º

  valve lift 11,90mm 
Option 2:

Inlet: 296º 122-80º (inlet variable)
  26-90 68-48

  Valve lift 12,40mm
Exhauts   296º  40-76

  Valve lift 12,40mm

Option 3 (3.2 vanos system):
Inlet284º 129-69º (inlet variable)
  13-91 73-31
  valve lift 11,90mm

Exhauts 284º  114-76º (exhauts variable)
 72-28 38-66

  valve lift 11,90mm 

Option 4 (3.2 vanos system):

Inlet: 296º 69-129º (inlet variable)
  79-37 19-97

  Valve lift 12,40mm
Exhauts   296º  76-114º (exhauts variable)
 44-72 82-34

  Valve lift 12,40mm