Oil pan baffle

PEUGEOT 306 XSI - GTi6 2.0 16v

Engine XU10J4

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Carter aluminio / aluminium sump
Carter chapa / sheet sump



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Sump pan oil baffle kit for PEUGEOT 306 XSI 2.0 16v - 306 GTi6 2.0 16v  XU10J4, code engine RFY, RFT, RFS, RFV. 

Oil pan baffle are designed for constant and optimal lubrication of the engine.
This kit keeps the engine oil level stored in the crankcase at its highest level for the oil pump.
With the lack of lubricant in the engine crankcase, caused by lateral acceleration, braking… it creates air pockets, which deteriorates the engine due to lack of lubrication in certain circumstances.

Engine breakdowns or breakages, in a very high percentage, are related to the lubrication system, with this partitioned crankcase system, the reliability of the engine significantly increases.
Manufactured with ramps or non-return gates, they allow the entry of oil. High quality 1.5mm thick stainless steel partitions, which provides greater stability and resistance to corrosion.

Ideal to used on racing, high performance, track and street driven cars. 

Easy assembly and does not require maintenance.
Available for aluminium or sheet sump. 
*Sheet sump are complet: pannel and sump 

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