AUDI RS3 2.5 TFSI 367cv


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BLUEFIN by Superchips, packages all the benefits of an expertly programmed remap into a simple to use DIY handset.

When you purchase a Bluefin you receive a Bluefin handset and all the cables you need. For the vast majority of vehicles all you need to do to install the map onto your vehicle is plug the handset into your car’s OBDII port and answer a few questions onscreen.

In just minutes, the Superchips Bluefin will have installed the new Superchips remap and stored your vehicles existing map for safekeeping. Because the Bluefin stores your factory map you can reinstall it at any time and put your vehicle back to normal.

No messy soldering, no swapping out ECU chips, just “Plug-and-Play” as Superchips like to put it.

The remaps the Bluefins install are exactly the same as offered with our technician install service and offer all the same benefits.

  • On Turbocharged petrol engines Superchips offer up to 20% extra BHP and 25% extra mid-range torque. This fatter power-curve gives you effortless power where you use it most in day-to-day driving and makes overtaking effortless and safer.
  • Non-Turbo petrol engines enjoy up to 10% power gains and a sharper throttle response on many modern "Drive-By-Wire" engines.
  • Turbo Diesel engines offer up to 25% gains. Once the Superchips Bluefin has been run on your vehicle you will enjoy a noticeably smoother driving experience. As you have more power available on demand you will be changing gear less and gaining in fuel efficiency.

With both superb ease of use and terrific performance gains for the money it’s no wonder the Superchips Bluefin is so popular.

**Where a vehicle requires 2 K&N panel filters we are only able to provide 1 filter for free.

Note – BLUEFIN are only available for a small selection of the remaps Superchips offer. Even if we do not have a Bluefin for your vehicle we may well still be able to offer Superchips remaps in-house so please check the link above. There are thousands of applications available and more in development all the time.

For some vehicles you may need to connect your Superchips Bluefin to the internet via your PC during the install process. This is to ensure that the map installed is properly suited to your vehicle