Throttle body kit

VW POLO - LUPO 1.4 16v - 1.6 16v AFH AKQ

Throttle body kit

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Papillons/cuerpos 40mm Ø
Papillons/cuerpos 40mm Ø + KIT adapt.
Papillons/cuerpos 42mm Ø
Papillons/cuerpos 42mm Ø + KIT adapt.
Papillons/cuerpos 45mm Ø
Papillons/cuerpos 45mm Ø + KIT adapt.
Papillons/cuerpos 48mm Ø
Papillons/cuerpos 48mm Ø + KIT adapt.



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OMEX Throttle body kit designed to fit directly in to VW Polo III - Lupo 1.4 16v - 1.6 16v engine AFH, AKQ, AFK, AHW.
Ready to fit directly to head. 
Kit available in follow parts: 
- 40-42-45-48mm throttle bodies
- fuel rail 
- Air horns 40mm long (4uds).
- Inlet manifold.
* Available complet kit (KIT adapt) include: 
(inlet manifold, adjustable fuel regulator, TPS wiring connector, brake servo adaptor, filter plate, air filter, throtlle linkage single, trotlle position sensor, 2 dahs6 fitting).  

For over a decade Omex Technology have been designing, manufacturing and supplying quality electronic units and throttle bodies for motorsport and fast road use.  From simple rev limiters and shift lights to full engine management ECUs for V12 racecars, Omex's personal service makes us the first choice for both single customers and volume manufacturers.
Compatible with all ECU engine management.