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HYPER FLAME is a fuel additive resulting from our experience in competition, recommended for all types of motor competitions, mixing with conventional gasoline gives outstanding results.

HYPER FLAME, is the last step before entering the special fuels sector. It ensures an increase of power and torque in the entire power band.

Thanks to its specific formulation, it uses special chemical oxygenating components, to favor the volumetric filling and to increase the speed of the exhaust of the gases of the combustion chamber.

HYPER FLAME, increases the octane and oxygen as a function of the percentage of the product used.


We recommend a dose of 5% mixed with gasoline of 95 octane gas. For superior performance add ½ L of GT Formula Additive for each liter of Hyper Flame.

In classic racing cars, it is recommended to use ½ L of NEW AGE for every 1L of HYPER FLAME for excellent results.

· Powerful additive maximum performance.
· 2T and 4T engines.
· Especially suitable for racing engines.
· Increases the number of octanes.
· Excellent results for low displacement engines.

Package: 500ml